Dare Response Coaching with Suzane

Please select a service to make a booking.

Book a 1 hour session

This one is recommended for first time callers.

(1 hour)
$ 100.00

Book a 30 minute session

This is meant for quick questions and or maintenance. If this is your first time working with me, I strongly suggest you choose the 1 hour session as you won’t get all you need in the 1/2 hour.

Should you still decide to book the 30 minute session, you will need to take the time to write your story in detail as well as to let me know what you would like to discuss the most. Also, please ensure that it is sent to me at least a few hours before the appointment. Please use the gmail email address that you will receive from me with the call details.

(30 minutes)
$ 60.00

Book a quick 15-20 minute pick me up call

These calls are for repeat regular customers ONLY! Do not choose this option if this is your first time.

If you speak to me on a regular basis and just need a QUICK chatting session of 20 minutes, this option is for you.

This can be used for a few quick questions, a reminder of the steps, a simple pick me up motivating chat before an event or outing. If you think you need more time, please select another option as time will be monitored for these quick calls.

(30 minutes)
$ 35.00

Teen and parent booking

This option is for a one on one session with teens under 16 with parental supervision. This length is best as it’s just enough for them.

Note to parents. Please be sure to send me a detailed note on what your child is experiencing as well as any other important information you feel is pertinent to this call. Please use the gmail email address that you will receive from me with the call details to do so.

(30 minutes)
$ 60.00